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We are thrilled that you are interested in serving alongside us in ministry for the coming year. We look forward to your potential commitment to join us in sharing the love of Christ with our middle school and high school students. The First Church Student Ministry is a family, and home to many students. Our mission as a ministry is to be the Gospel to those that need the Gospel. Your involvement will be crucial in this mission to be the Gospel to all students inside and outside of our ministry.

Before being considered as a student ministry volunteer, we would like to ask you to do a few things. First, as in everything, we ask that you prayerfully consider this decision. Make sure that this is truly the place God wants you to serve. If you feel that it is, the next step is to fill out the following pages. We need some basic information so we can contact you, get to know you better, and maximize your involvement in our ministry. There is a Child Protection Policy that needs to be read and signed as well. We want you to be clear on exactly what you’re getting into and what will be expected of you once you join the team. Finally, there are a few deeper questions, a place for references and a form allowing us to do a background check. All answers are strictly confidential, and are as much for our volunteer leader’s protection as our students’.

Thanks for your willingness to respond to God’s call on your life, and for taking the time to pursue this opportunity to serve. We will be in touch!


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Street Address
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Do you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ? *
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List all previous church work or other work involving children and youth.  (Identify place and type of work and supervisors): 
If you know what your spiritual gifts are please list those as well. (If you are unsure, we have an assessment you are welcome to take):
Availability to serve? *
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Can you make a one-year commitment? *
The questions listed below are part of our interview process in order to help provide a safe and secure environment for our children. All information is held in strict confidence by the Student Ministry Staff.  Answering yes to any of the questions may not necessarily preclude your involvement in Student Ministry. Thank you for your understanding.
Personal references must be over 18 years old and NOT related to you.
Phone *
Phone *
Phone *
I understand and agree that will verify all or part of the information I have given my prospective organization. I understand that this verification may include any inquiry into criminal and civil records, as well as other public record information. I authorize the release of such information as may be necessary to verify the information I have provided. I release and hold harmless from all liability any individual or entity requesting or supplying information with respect to my application for employment or volunteering at Irving Bible Church. Checking this box serves as your consent to an initial background check report from, and periodic background checks as long as you are an active volunteer with Children or Student Ministries.
I agree to a background check. I certify that the information I provided is correct and I agree with the above consent statement. *
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Date of Birth

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