What's in Your Hand?

Is there something you have that you consider insignificant? Throughout the Bible, God used seemingly insignificant items for his greater purpose. In this message, Pastor Vance looks at the simple shepherds staff and how Moses used it to perform miraculous things.

Questions for Further Reflection and Conversation...

  • What abilities, skills, training, education, resources do you have, that

    could be used by God?

  • Do you believe that EVERYTHING comes from God, to be used for God’s

    purposes? Why or why not?

  • When have you felt “stuck?” How did you react?

  • Do you believe you are part of God’s plan? Why or why not?

  • What’s in your hands? What are your going to do with it, for God?

God of Power

God displayed great power when he released the ten plagues in Egypt. Join Pastor Vance as he looks at this story out of Exodus.

Questions for Further Reflection and Conversation...

  • Have you ever felt like God has claimed you as his own? If so, when and


  • Do you ever resist listening to God’s word?

  • When/how have you seen God’s power displayed?

  • How do you react to the 10 plagues? How do the plagues affect your

    view/understanding of God?

  • Is your heart ever hard, like Pharaoh’s?

  • Why doesn’t God move in power, like the 10 plagues, today?

  • How is the cross God’s ultimate display of power?


When an Unstoppable Force Meets an Immovable Object

What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? Pastor Vance reveals the answer as we continue our journey into Exodus.

Questions for Further Reflection and Conversation...

  • When have you encountered an “immovable” obstacle? What was it?

    What did you do?

  • What causes you to become spiritually discouraged?

  • Jesus seems to say that his followers WILL (not may) face oppositions in

    this life. How do you feel about that?

  • What mountains are you facing?

  • Have you ever experienced faith moving a mountain in your life?

  • Do you have a mustard seed of faith?

God Sees and Hears

Join Pastor Vance as he walks us through the story of Moses and the burning bush.

Questions for Further Reflection and Conversation...

  • Have you ever felt the presence of God in an unexpected time or place?

  • Have you ever avoided a call? If so, what, and why?

  • What excuses have you used for not responding to a call?

  • If you could go back in time? Have there been missed opportunities to

    serve God that you wish you had responded to differently?

  • When you think about the world’s needs, and your unique gifts and

    abilities, what are some ways you could make a difference?

  • If someone asked you who your God is, what would you say?

Behind the Scenes

  • When have you experienced God move?

  • Has God ever seemed absent?

  • Have you, like Moses, ever run away?

  • Have you ever asked, “Will the Lord reject me forever?”

  • How do you need God to move in your life, right now? How will you

    know he does?

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