The Mission and Values Statement of First United Methodist Church of Coral Springs (First Church): 

We are a church dedicated to loving Christ and building a strong community of faith with our neighbors in Coral Springs and beyond. We shall realize this vision by individually and collectively seeking to be Disciples of Christ, being visible in the community through our faith and service, and using every person's strengths and gifts. We are a church that loves first.


I. Scope

A fundraiser is defined as the seeking of financial support for a charity, cause, or other enterprise.

II. Rationale 

All fundraisers must reflect and relate to and not conflict with the United Methodist Church’s Book of Discipline, and to the mission, vision and values of First Church of Coral Springs. 

Fundraisers should never overshadow the practice of stewardship. 

All fundraising activities connected with First Church via use of the First Church name and/or processing of funds by First Church for any purpose, by any means, and at any location, must complete an application, be reviewed and approved under this policy. 

III. Principles 

These principles are offered as a foundation for church fundraising policies: 

  • The fundraising activity must address needs of the church group.

  • The group raising funds must be aware of and respectful of the needs, customs, and integrity of church ministries and organizations, and should seek to build partnerships in cooperation with other groups to avoid duplication of efforts or scheduling conflicts.

  • In planning their fundraising activities, groups must be respectful of the members of the church, and of the sacredness of the church’s liturgy and the sacred space.

  • All fundraising activities must be respectful of those who are unable to contribute.

IV. Policies 

These policies are to be followed strictly by all church groups which participate in fundraising. Exceptions may be granted by the Finance Committee as it is deemed appropriate. 

Church fundraisers should benefit the entire church family, a specific ministry or mission, or one of the church’s mission partners. I.e. Boy Scouts, Hope Woman’s Center, His Walk Ministry just to name a few. 

1. Approval: 

a.    Fundraising activities may not commence (e.g. be entered onto the church fundraising calendar, promoted in the Sunday bulletin, webpage, or by any other means) until approved by the Finance Committee. 

b.    Approval from the Finance committee and Compliance with the Building Use requirements must first be met if First Church facilities are to be used in the fundraiser. 

c.     Each fundraising activity must be sponsored by a church group or organization.  

d.    Applications (see attached) will be reviewed on a first‐come first‐serve basis, based on the priorities of the church. 

e.    The decision for or against approval may not be immediate, depending on the need for further information or consultation. Please allow sufficient lead time in your requests before your anticipated fundraiser. The Finance committee will respond within 3 days after the next monthly scheduled finance meeting, which is the 3rdTuesday of the month. 

2. Use of Church facilities and common spaces:  

a.    Fundraisers on church ground or under church auspices are not to take place on Holy Days or days leading up to Holy Days. 

b.    Each group may conduct weekend fundraising activities for up to two consecutive weekends, if available. The Finance Committee may approve exceptions to the two Sunday period, including, for example, for online giving campaigns that run longer than a two-week period (e.g. participation in Water is Basic fundraising campaigns). 

c.     Fundraisers taking place on church grounds will occupy predetermined locations. 

d.    The group conducting a fundraiser is responsible for making arrangements for set up, teardown and repositioning of church owned furniture and equipment in designated fundraising areas. Individuals should not assume they have the authority to utilize, move or remove any church property.   Any fundraisers occupying a church room must fill out a room request form which includes a room setup request. 

3. Number of fundraisers: The finance committee will monitor, approve and or limit the number of fundraising events on any given day or month. 

4. Purpose of funds: 

a.    The purpose of the funds to be raised must be publicized before the fundraiser by way of the church bulletin, promotional flyers, and/or other means of publicity. These means of publicity must be mentioned in the application for approval. It is the responsibility of the fundraising group to submit a communication form to obtain bulletin, newsletter, etc. publication. 

b.     Proceeds of the fundraiser must go to the recipients designated. 

5. Handling of funds:  

a.   Receipts of all fundraisers will be placed in the appropriate restricted fund set up to receive funds from fundraiser.  All money raised must be deposited in to the church bank account. This can be done by placing the money in the Sanctuary Deposit drop box located in the ushers room or brought to the office.  Monies must be turned in as soon as possible.  No person should take money home with them. 

b.    Private persons are not to be reimbursed directly from the original cash receipts of the fundraiser. 

c.    Request for reimbursements are to be completed and submitted to the Church Business Manager by the project leader in a timely basis. Checks will be disbursed on normal accounts payables dates each month.

d.   Use of church credit card machine must be pre-approved, and machine returned to church office promptly.

6. Compliance: A group’s compliance or lack thereof, with these policies will be considered in future fundraising application requests. 

7. Exceptions: Exceptions to this policy will only be granted by way of the application process. 

Fundraising Request Form

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Date Submitted
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